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THE book about teamwork that EVERYONE needs in their life! Why are some teams high-performing and constantly achieve success, whilst other teams are challenged, or at best average? Team Lead Succeedis for anyone who leads a team, or who is part of a team and wants to make a positive difference to the effectiveness of their teamwork. “Because great teamwork doesn’t just happen, it happens in teams that work at being great.” – Nick Fewings, Author WHAT READERS ARE SAYING Up there with Seven Habits and Five Levels of Leadership. Insightful, practical, enjoyable! A must-read book for anyone part of or leading a team. Inspirational and motivational! REVIEWS Having read many leadership, team working, coaching and mentoring books over the years - some from very well-known and respected authors - none come close to the way that Nick Fewings has authored this book. Team Lead Succeed is a very easy and relatable read. The balance of information, examples, storytelling and humour is perfect, making this a book that can just as easily be read from cover to cover, as well as dipping into the relevant sections as and when needed. Highly recommended!! 5-star review, Andrew Edwards, UK This is a great book on so many levels! It’s perfect for anyone who’s part of a team - either inside or outside of work. It’s an absolute MUST HAVE for any leaders - especially those who are new to the role or looking to develop their leadership skills. It’s really easy to read and understand - no complex, deeply academic theories. It’s full of stories, practical advice and easy to relate to content. If you already understand the principles of “behavioural colours”, it provides a brilliant refresh and the opportunity to build a deeper understanding. If you have no previous knowledge of “behavioural colours” it provides a great, easy to grasp understanding. It’s really easy to dip in and out of and really easy to navigate due to its simple colour coding All in all, I totally recommend this and have found it to be the best book available on teamwork! 5-star review, Kerry Lockyer, UK Team Lead Succeed will help you to appreciate those areas of your teamwork that are working well, whilst also highlighting areas that could be working better and need to be shared with your team, discussed and, if agreed, changed. It provides learning and practical suggestions to help teams achieve high-performance teamwork and effectiveness, by better understanding WHO is in your team and HOW effective your teamwork is in 16 areas of teamwork. In addition, there is a chapter that explores leadership. WHO is in your team, focusses on the behavioural and technical skills of your team, providing suggestions on how to make best use of these invaluable skills. HOW effective your teamwork is, explores 16 areas; Purpose, Trust, Planning, Collaboration, Accountability, Commitment, Roles & Skills, Communication, Decision-making, Team Meetings, Processes, Environment, Vision, Diversity, Reflection and Transformation. Each chapter provides an overview, benefits of ensuring it is working effectively, red flags of when it is not working effectively, a real-life story and suggestions to consider. Finally, four questions are included, to get the reader thinking about their team and how the learning may apply to them. In summary, Team Lead Succeed provides both leaders and team members with a better understanding of how to achieve high-performance teamwork. “Everyone in a team has a voice, which needs to be heard, especially when things aren’t working as well as they should be. After all, nothing will change if you do not take action and speak up.” – Nick Fewings, Author

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