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The Oath takes the reader on an emotional rollercoaster with its captivating story set in the late Victorian era. Although heartbreaking, it is also uplifting, both of which may cause the reader to shed a tear or two. Marry the baronet, or vulnerable parents face la prison des pauvres France 1895 - Seventeen-year-old Françoise abandons her carefree life and sails for England to marry distant cousin Charles Dubois. On arrival she finds her groom aloof and evasive. 'Playtime is over. Seventeen is old enough to wed and bear a child.’ Draped in expensive silk brocade, she yearns for her homeland and comfortable gowns, and when she discovers the baronet’s clandestine visits, it is her cheery maid she turns to, her new confidante and friend. BETRAYAL – HEARTBREAK – FRIENDSHIP The Oath: A coming of age, historical fiction saga from the author of House of Grace family saga trilogy.

  • Writen byPatricia M Osborne